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Passing Parameters to GP Process during Instantiation from WD Java Applicat

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I have a Java WebDynpro Application and Iam planning to initiate a process from that and there are some parameters in Process to which I have to pass values from my Application during initiation. Is that possible to do? If yes, Could you please brief me the steps involved?

Thank You,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sowmya,

Yes, we can pass parameters to a GP process while initiating.

Suppose you have an input structure to the process as "Create" with attributes "Name" and "City". You can write the below code for this.

IGPStructure input = GPStructureFactory.getStructure(process.getInputParameters());

IGPStructure createInput = input.addStructure("Create");

createInput.setAttributeValue("Name", "YourName");

createInput.setAttributeValue("City", "YourCity");

If there is no input structure and you directly have attributes, them you can use the below code:

input.setAttributeValue("Name, "YourName");

input.setAttributeValue("City", "YourCity");

Hope this helps you

If you do not know how to initiate a process, let me know.



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