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Passing parameters to Design Studio on Mobi

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a project where an Xcelsius Dashboard links to detail Design studio applications.

It all works fine on the BI Launchpad, but on Mobi the DS apps open but don't take the passed parameters into account.

I'm running BOBJ 4.1, DS 1.2, and have the latest Mobi version on an iPad 2.

My dashboard basically builds an opendoc url with a selection of parameters.

The DS application has those parameters declared as url parameters and filters the displayed results based on the values passed.

Again, this works perfectly well on a desktop browser, but fails to pass the parameters on Mobi on iPad.

Basically, the drill DS report opens up successfully, but displays the default parameters, not what is supposed to be passed.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Am I missing something that needs to be configured for mobile?

As explained in it appears that apart from the few default parameters (iDocID, sIDType, sDocName, lsMxxx, lsSxxx, ..) no other parameter can be passed.

How do we pass data to Design Studio then? does it support the lsSxxx syntax? I tried a few parameters with that in mind but with no success.

In short, at this point is there *any* way to pass a parameter to a Design Studio report on Mobile?

Thanks for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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just in case it helps someone, I found a way to pass the parameters... but it's not very dynamic, and it's not the best maintenance wise.. but it works (if you don't have too many drill combinations)

Basically, passing the parameters from the Dashboard directly to the Design Studio App doesn't seem to work (yet!), but having the Dashboard calling a bunch of Hyperlink objects pointing to Design Studio app objects works.

Imagine the scenario where you select a country in a Dashboard and want to open a DS app based on that country.

- The DS app has a URL Variable called X_country

- Create hyperlink objects for each selectable country (opendoc url, with "&X_country=France", "&X_country=Australia", etc at the end)

- In the Dashboard, instead of calling the opendoc of the DS app, call the opendoc to the corresponding Hyperlink object.

- ...

- profit!

In Mobi, when you drill it will open the Hyperlink (still in Mobi, not Safari) which will then show the DS app (in web/BI Launchpad format it seems, you can tell by the little tab on the right to show the document details)

The best part of it, you can use the Mobi BACK button to move back to the Dashboard and drill again 🙂

Hopefully you won't have 84 drill possibilities like me >.<

Oh well, that will have to do until Mobi is updated with parameters to DS apps! Hopefully in a release soon.

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Hi Antoine,

Try opening the DS dashboard with SAP BI and tap the gear icon to bring up the toolbar.

From the toolbar select email and copy the link that says to open in the SAP BI app. This is a sapbi:// link and will contain any parameters defined for that document.

Tap the link and see if it opens the dashboard and passes parameters. If it works you can email the link to yourself and add it to your other dashboard.

Let me know if it works for you or not.

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Hi Ashton,

When I originally tried this I didn't get the "prompt" part of the url. I can open the DS app using the sapbi url, but still it doesn't pass the parameters.

Also, when using sapbi the Back button on Mobi doesn't work the same way and takes the user back to the list of documents instead of the originating dashboard.


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I'm currently working with a customer who is experiencing the same issue.

From our testing the link works when all of the prompt parameters are defined in the sapbi link, even if they are optional. When we left out some of the parameters then it did not work. Also, for any one prompt you can only pass one parameter.

I am still testing this issue but once completed it will be submitted to development as a defect for a fix in a future release.

Regarding the back button taking you back to the server page, this has been  identified as a defect and is planned to be fixed in a future release.

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Hi Ashton,

could you post a fully formatted sapbi example that works on mobile please?


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