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Passing Parameters from Design Studio to Webi by Key and Text

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Hi all,

I am facing a problem while passing parameters from Design Studio to WebI. I have a field called as Project in Design studio Crosstab and whatever the user selects the Project that need to be passed to WebI.

So I am collecting the Project selected in variable and I am passing it. When the selected Project is taken as external key or External non compunded key it is working but when I Pass it as Text is not working and WebI is throwing an Error meaning that the value is not present in the variable. But I want to pass the value as text.

Can you please help me on that.

I searched and found no thread relating to this issue. If there is any please provide me the link.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Hari,

Can you please post the url which you are using in DS to call WEBI.

Your URL should be something like this...

APPLICATION.openNewWindow("/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=FpulzlakzgAAwRUAAABnd6oAAAwpq_J2&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&lsRZSD_P014=" + Param_Project);

ZSD_P014 = Bex parameter.

Follow the steps to get this url easily

1.Open webi report->Goto design mode->create one blank cell.

2.Right click blank cell and click on document link and select the same webi report.

3.Select the parameter PROJECT in your case and give some text.

4.Go to formula editor of the blank cell and copy the document link.

5.Trim the link as i have shown above and replace the parameter value with your DS variable.

This should work.Let me know if it helps.


Arjun N

Former Member
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Check any special character (like &,%....) in text value...


Raju Kushwaha