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Passing OpenRequest Number to RSSM_APO_REQUEST_FINISH

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Hello All,

We have a Program in process chains and This Program calls SAP defined FM RSSM_APO_REQUEST_FINISH.

we need to know how to pass the open Request number from planning cube to this function module thru that Program so that FM will close the Open Request.

(actually when we execute a planning function,it triggers the process chains , which will load data from planning cube to actual cube)

Can anybody help me on this issue?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The open request can be determined by using this select statemtent. This has been taken out from the function module that's called by SAP to check for open reqeusts

 select * from rsmonicdp into table l_t_monicdp where   
        icube = i_infocube and                          
        rnr    like 'APO%'    and                       
        status like '@09%' and                          
        dp_nr  < 999999.                                

i_infocube is the name of the infocube that we need to get the request from.

hope this helps


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Hi Anand,

Thanks a lot.

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