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Passing Nulls from web elements to a crystal report

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I would like to set a parameter value to be sent from the web element WESelect to be null. The crytal report is BEX Query based.

I have tried:

1) sending a blank

2) [#]

3) [0VERSION].[#]

The result always is that the crytsal report parameter screen pops up. Even though it does set the pamaer to null:

New value: ...


Current value: null

Set to null.

I want the parameter screen not to pop up. If I send any other value than null, all works well.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Don't use a parameter. Use a formula.

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hi shabirdewji

my recommendation would be to do the following, as there have been issues in the past with the sap integration kit and opendocument urls.

1) set your WEBuilder function so that it will output the url in an alert...i.e. set the 2nd parameter of the webuilder function to 2

2) run the report again in the viewer and when you press the submit write down the url that is in the alert box

3) paste this url into a new browser...what should happen is that you will get the same result as when you are using webelements...i.e. that you will still get prompted for a value

4) have a look at how you are getting prompted for the parameter value...i.e. the sap integration kit has a different look than if you were being prompted from any other can test this out by creating a quick report off of another datasource like access that has a prompt/parameter on the report

5) if you verify that this is the sap integration kit that is causing the issue, then try to install the latest integration kit as well as any crystal reports patches...again, there have been issues with the sap integration kit and prompts/parameters in opendocument urls from crystal reports



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