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Passing Multiple Parameters to a Where clause

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Dear All,

Using Crystal 11.5 on XP workstations, communicating with a SQL database.

I want to allow users to input two or three or four Meeting codes -- text fields about 10 characters -- into a Crystal multiple parameter field. Then I want to use those names to access data for each meeting, grouping on the meeting . . .

WHERE = 'MeetingCode1' or = 'MeetingCode2 or = 'MeetingCode3'

I've tried just using "IN" with the parameter and that won't work for this -- though it seems to get data for cvross tabs which is puzzling. I've tried using the JOIN function to parse out the data and build the WHERE clause and have been unsuccessful (but if you tell me that should work, I can go at it again that way -- all kinds of issues there comparing it to Crystal's SQL view.

Any thoughts about how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated.


Ridge (in New Joisey)

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Answers (1)

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I just tested this again -- going very slowly and very carefully -- and it seems to be working setting the

{ table.field} IN

for both numeric and string values.

Sorry for wasting bandwidth.