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passing information from webdynpro to CATS system

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Hi all,

I have a webdynpro application, and i'd like to pass on information from my application to the CATS system.

Can anyone throw some light on how to go ahead with this?

Kindly respond at the earliest.



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Hi Lisha.

I'm working on that, and y use the following bapis to manage catsdb data:




Change and insert bapis have a table 'CATSRECORDS_IN' that i'm filling from webdynpro before execute the bapis. In this structure are the fields of catsdb that can be inserted or changed. The delete bapi has 'CATSRECORDS' table that only need the 'COUNTERS' which is the key field of catsdb.

And i'm using the CATS_READ_TIMESHEET_DATA bapi to consult the data in catsdb.

This bapi has E_CATSD structure, in this structure is the data organized like in CAT2 transaction.

I hope it help u.



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Hi Gregory,

If you can guide me how to use <b>BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_CHANGE</b>

it will be great.. Now I am in clueless position..

In what scenario we should make use of <b>BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_DELETE</b>.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Gangadharayya,

Could you please share your exp in using CATS BAPI from your webdynpro application. I wanted to updated the CATS DB with working time hrs for the currently logged in user for the current day.

If I am able to pass the current logged in employee details(ID) from webdynpro, can I use a custom BAPI that updates the CATS DB with working time 8hrs for that employee and send me a message "Data Saved successfully " back.