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Passing filters from map to chart

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Hi All,

I am very new to BO Xcelsius.

I am trying to understand how do we pass filters from selecting a region in Maps into a chart originating from a different table.

For e.g.

In the above link: When we click on a region of the map the Pie Chart changes showing that region's data by Customer.

The excel for the chart would be as below

Region Value

Alaska 100

Alabama 400


How should the excel data for first Pie chart be to achieve such functionality?

And how to Achieve this passing of values.

Please help. Thanks in advance to all


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ritesh,

If you take a look at the source file for this particular model, you'll see that the map is simply inserting the YTD data via a Row Insertion type.

For example ( / indicate cell breaks in between columns):

Region 1 / 123 / 456 / 789

Region 2 / 987 / 654 / 321

For the map's Source Data property, you would bind it to everything from "Region 1" to "321".

Set Insertion Type to Row

Bind Destination to a row of cells that you'd want the map component to insert to

Bring a Pie Chart to the canvas

Bind the Pie Chart's Source Data to the same range of cells that you bound the Map's Destination range to, minus the Region Name column.

When you Preview the model, selecting Region 1 should plug in 123, 456, 789 into each of the different slices, respectively. Likewise, the same behavior will occur when selecting Region 2 on the map.

In the posted model, it looks like the creator made a row of data for each state. Within each state, there's a section for YTD data, as well as Product Share percentages. He/She simply bound the map's Source Data to the entire block, and has it designed to insert into one row, which is read by the Pie Chart.

Here's the source file:

Open that and click on the "Display1" tab. You can also click on each component and analyze the property sheets for each component and see how they interact with one another.

One thing to note about using the maps: In order for regions to be selectable, your source data's first column / row (depending on your insertion type) must match those that are defined in the Region Keys property.

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Hi David,

It really helped me understand it.

But can you let me know how did u convert an swf link into .xlf file.

Can you please let me know how to do that?



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Hi Ritesh,

Glad it helped.

As for your next question, there is no possible to way to convert a SWF file back to and Xcelsius XLF file. However, Xcelsius XLF files can be exported as SWF files.

(File --> Export --> SWF)

The link that I posted was of the original XLF file. Basically, the SWF you posted is an exported SWF file of that XLF.

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