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Passing date over parameters

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Dear all,

I have created a report which consists of 3 sub reports. All three sub reports uses different date fields from different tables (though the database is the same). The main report uses its own date field which is from another table.

So, there are 4 reports in all

Main Report takes date field from table A

Sub Report 1 takes date field from table B

Sub Report 2 takes date field from table C

Sub Report 3 takes date field from table D

Now when I run the main report, it asks me to input dates 4 places (total of 8 places where I have to replicate same date each time I run the report.

Now to over come this I linked the Date parameters of the main report with the date fields of the sub reports.The problem occurs when the results are shown.

All of the results are incorrect except the main report results.

I am wondering how can I pass dates which I have entered into the main report parameter field to all sub report fields so that I don't have to enter dates 8 times each time I open a report.

Here is the record selection formula for main report date field

({foccredsum.date_created} in {?Start Date} to {?End Date})

Now for the sub reports the date fields are different.

How can I integrate the date parameters?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do you want to pass the dates from main report to all subreports? Try creating date parameters in subreport as well and link the main report parameters with subreport parameters and if you want to change the condition edit the record selections in subreports.

Hope this helps!


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Morning Raghavendra,

yes I'd like to pass all dates which are set in the main report to sub reports however all the sub reports have different date fields.

When you say link the parameters of the main report with the sub report parameters, how can you do this? because even when I setup the parameters in the sub report, the main report does not show the parameters (under the Link Subreport menu, there is no link to show date parameters).



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Hi J,

Try the following :

--Delete all Sub report parameters which you have created

--Create From and To date parameters in Main report.

--Place sub report and edit sub report links and select main report From parameter and link to sub report date field.

Note : If you are not finding sub report date field while linking main report parameter then check the main / sub report date datatype. (Both should have either Date or DateTime data type)

--Please go in sub report and go in Record selection and check whether the parameter is filtering correct date or not.

I think, in your case all date fields are not Date or DateTime.

Hope this helps you



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Thanks Sastry,

I figured out later and did the same thing what you mentioned above however didn't update this post. )

It is working now.

Many thanks



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