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Passing Control Record Data in IDOC to R/3 3.1i system

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We have PI 7.0.9 installed in-house and are currently attemptng to point to an R/3 3.1i system (we are in the process of upgrading to ECC5).

When I enable the check-box to "Apply Control Record Values from Payload" in the receiver comm. channel for the IDOC adapter, it ignores the directive.

If I look at the Payload in the XML Message in the call to the IDOC adapter, the fields are all filled - however the IDoc adapter simply builds its own values when sending to the back-end. The only difference to idocs for newer SAP systems is we use EDI_DC rather than EDI_DC40.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this problem and a solution?



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Hi Brian,

About "Apply Control Record Values from Payload"

If you set the indicator, the conversion of communication parties to the IDoc partner is only possible for systems that are not logical systems.

If you do not set the indicator, all combinations of communication parties and services are handled as services without party.

If the IDoc XML structure contains a control record during outbound processing on the Integration Server, it is rejected and created again by the IDoc adapter. If you want to include additional values in the control record, set the indicator and provide an appropriate mapping for the values

If in the receiver Communication Channel, you do NOT choose option "Apply Record control value from Payload", then EDI_DC40 will contain the values mapped during Mapping in Message Monitoring and SXMB_MONI - Response Payload, but when the IDOC is sent out , control record is filled with the value from the SLD

If you are looking for, where to find the place where the logical system name for the XI system is defined, it can seen in 2 places....IN transaction SALE on XI, under "Basic Settings --> Logical Systems --> Assign Logical System to Client"...double click on the client no you want to check for...

Also it can be seen in the SLD in the corresponding business system details.

Do you want this value as the SNDPRN in the control record ? then you need not do anyhting

Also take a look at these links,


Also have a look at this thread...

I hope it helps....



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This blog may help u-




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What are the fields that you are trying to change. Please check here for the list of fields that you can change: