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Passed variables

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Good Day,

I have a main report with 2 sub_reports. In the second of the sub_reports I have a fields called amount_owed. If this field is equal to 0.00

then supress the whole report. I created a variable called Shared_Current_Owed_Evaluate. Which is in my subreport Report Header.

And it reads as followed.


Shared currencyVar

Shared_Current_owed := {ado.Current_Owed};

I've  created a formula called @Supress

And it reads as followed

shared CurrencyVar Shared_Current_owed ;


My problem is the first pass it has 0.00 in the @supress fields the second pass  the vaule of @supress has the value of 1850.00 which is the value of amount owed of the first record.

How do I correct this I've tried changing the placement of the @surpress field but nothng seems to work. Any Ideas/



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

This looks like a duplicate post to me. I answered on the post of here:


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