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Pass parameter into get_entityset

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I've successfully pass parameter into get_entityset using it_filter_select_options but is there a better way to pass parameter into get_entityset?

Normally a service like this'2012-04-23') would only call the get_entity.

What I had done is to utilize the it_filter_select_options -$filter=keyDate eq '2012-04-12' to pass in the value into get_entityset. The reason is so I can use '2012-04-12' in get_entityset to get a collection of data.

Please feels free to suggest any other method that I might have overlooked.



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Hi HK,

I think you are on the right track, to get a subset of values you would use a filter.

One thing to note however is dates and timestamps in ABAP should map to Edm.DateTime and the correct way to access them in a filter would be something like

/Weeks?$filter=keyDate eq datetime'2012-04-12T12:00:00'

for example'ALFKI')/Orders?$filter=ShippedDate gt d...

I have got the above Northwind example working in my Gateway system, see, had to parse the datetime string manually, from memory used an xsd:datetime function, but you could just as easily write your own doing similar to what you did in previous question.

Hope it helps.