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Pass parameter in EPCM.doNavigate

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I have JSPDynpage the button, that have OnClientClick:

addPosButton.setOnClientClick("EPCM.doNavigate('ROLES://portal_content/Webdynpro/java_local_add_lot_position_jwd_nrj_applications_AddLotPositionApplication', 1, 'width=400,height=500');");

It's open WebDynpro page in new window.

How can I pass parameters into opening WebDynpro page?

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Found solution.

Write doNavigation with parameter qqq=test:

addPosButton.setOnClientClick("EPCM.doNavigate('ROLES://portal_content/Webdynpro/java_local_add_lot_position_jwd_nrj_applications_AddLotPositionApplication? sap-qqq=test ', 1, 'width=400,height=500');");

In Object property of WebDynpro page iView fill field "Parameters to Pass from Page Request" with value qqq (without sap-)

Than in WebDynpro page get parameter:

WDProtocolAdapter.getProtocolAdapter().getRequestObject().getParameter( "sap-qqq" )

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Thank you Pual for your solution.