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Pass parameter from standard transaction to webdynpro

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I am using ML81N transaction. In an exit I am triggering my webdynpro application.

I need to pass the below details to webdynpro component

- Internal table ESLL

- EKBE and ESRR data

I tried using EXPORT Memory ID and SET Parameter in the EXIT at ML81N.

The IMPORT MEMORY ID / GET Parameter ends with a sy-subrc EQ 4 in the HANDLEDEFAULT method in the webdynpro.

Any other suggestions to get these values imported to webdynpro?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Deepak,

Try saving your data into a custom table from exit, and fetch it back again into your webdynpro application, and as soon as you fetch the data into WD application refresh the custom table.



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Hi Shadab,

Thankyou for responding instantly.

Thought your approach may provide a solution for time being but I am afraid if copying contents to the table would be correct because this will affect the performance at a later stage.

I had just solved it myself by using EXPORT/IMPORT TO SHARED MEMORY. This is working correctly.



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