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pass multiple values through enterprise hyperlink in crytsal

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Hi experts,

i was able to pass single values from one report to another report through hyperlink

"/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp" +

"?sIDType=CUID" +

"&iDocID=AQiJ5DSXlltOrUriAmPm_iA" +

"&sType=rpt" +

"&sOutputFormat=H" +

"&sWindow=Same" +


here instead of lsS i have used lsM for multiple values but its not working

Please let me know how to resolve this?

Thank You,


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A multi-valued parameter has to be passed as a comma delimited string.  To get this from the input parameter to the main report, you'll create a formula that looks something like this:

StringVar strParam := '';

NumberVar paramSize := ubound({?MyMultiParam});

for i := 1 to paramSize do


  strParam := strParam + {?MyMultiParam}[i];

  if i < paramSize then strParam := strPara + ',';



This will parse the array of parameter values and create a comma delimited string.  Use this formula to send the parameter values to the URL.

refer below link for more information.

OpenDocument Link not working as expected | SCN

--Praveen Guntuka

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HI Praveen,

i have created this formula in second report and trying to use the formulas in hyperlink code but i was not able to do that

can you please tell me where should i create exactly

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if you place the formula after &lsm[Parameter_Name], whether this is working on not?

for a test purpose, use static values instead of formula

&lsm[Parameter_Name] = [LOV1],[LOV2],[LOV3]

and check whether this is working or not.

Please check below document for your reference;

URL Reporting

--Praveen G

P.S:Multiple prompt values, separated by a comma.If the target is a Crystal report, each value must be enclosed in square brackets and separated by commas. If the target is a Web Intelligence document, multiple values must be separated by semi-colons.