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Partitions Merged after altering a table via hdbdd file

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I have created a table using hana HDBDD file. Created HASH and Range Partitions on particular columns of the table. When I try to add any new column to the existing table via HDBDD file, the existing partitions are getting merged. Could you please tell me why it is happening and how to avoid partitions not getting merged.

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During the reactivation of a CDS entity all changes applied to the created table with SQL are lost (aka all things which are not defined in the design-time object are lost). As you are using and HDBDD file in XS Classic, there is not syntax option which you can use to define partitioning information for a CDS entity. So you always have to apply the partitioning logic after you have done changes.

With XS Advanced for CDS entities the new "partition by" option is available as technical configuration. This can be applied in the new HDBCDS files which are the successor of XS Classic HDBDD files. With that option it is possible to define the partitioning rules directly in the CDS file or you are also able to say that an existing partition layout is kept (-> "partition by keeping existing layout"). For details please check the documentaton in the CDS Reference.