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Partial results in WEBI

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Hello All,

User has created one report and expecting it to fetch 11 lac records in BO. But report is partially executing.

We have 11 Lac rows in our DB which are getting retrieved at SQL server in just 2 min.

We have made changes in universe and connection setting as follows:

Limit Execution Time to: 60 min

Connection settings are as follows:

Pool Time out: 60 min

Array Fetch size: 1000

Array Bind size: 5000

Login Time out: 600 Seconds

No restrictions are set to report level.

Also report is based on universe where only one table is there. and that table is actually a view created on SQL server.

Report is exactly running for 60 min but retrieving only 1 lac 12 thousand rows.

Please help.

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Does scheduling the report fetches all 11 Lac records?

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Try scheduling the report to narrow down the issue.

If scheduling gives you 11 Lac records you can check for Web intelligence process service parameters.

Also Check following things:

UDT: In universe parameters -> Controls tab -> Limit result set size

IDT: In Information Design Tool look for tab 'Query Options' under Universe Parameters under Business Layer "Limit Size of Result set".