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Part Appraisal not comming in MSS

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We have implemented OSA Appraisal process using ESS/MSS.

Our process

1. HR Admin User will release the appraisal template. Then One mail will come to the Employee and his manager inbox (in portal we are using UWL). From there we are opening the HAP_Document BSP Page. Now Manager and Employee both can open the template.

2. If Employee ( Appraisee ) open the template Using UWL. Fills his objectives and send the form to supervisor for approval.

3. If Manager (Appraiser) open the template then employee can’t open it. Manager has to set his objective. (This is because in some cases employees are situated in remote location so manager has to do the needful).

4. Now along with the direct manager there is another person call Part Appraiser he also can see and Modify the status of appraisal document.

The direct manager can see the status of his employees Appraisal document in the status overview page of MSS.

Our problem is we are not able to see these status for Part Appraiser in MSS. But it is present at r/3 end (Appraisal Infotype 0025 under the TAB Appraisal where Appraiser).

What could be the reason for this? Do I have to do some extra settings in portal for this?

I even try to find using who’s who but it only shows the direct employee’s data. Please help me here.

We are using EP7, ECC6.0, SAP ERP2005.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes, you are right you cannot see part appraiser's status in MSS.Becausethe status overview was only made for main documents.

If the manager needs to access the part appraisals also from MSS,

there is no other way than to create an iview from the BSP

documents_todo, which delivers the main documents as well as the part

appraisals (also the 360 appraisals), for which the user is the

appraiser or part appraiser.

If you would require a BSP page, which delivers only the part appraisal

documents, you always have the possiblity to create a customer own BSP

according to your requirements. You could copy documents_todo and adapt

it accordingly.

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I tried to access the BSP document 'documents_todo' at r/3 end using Transaction Code se80. Then i select BSP Application and the document name. But this is

not available there.

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Use the TC 'PHAP_START_BSP'. It will give you the corresponding URL for the BSP. Create an URL iView and replace with the existing one.

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Hi Sujan,

Thanks a lot. I can see the Part Appraisal now. The problem is solved.

I have one more qustion is it possible to Hide the the Extra Buttons?

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Yes it is possible. But u have to do BSP customization for this. Use SE80 TC.

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