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Parse tab-delimited file

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I am trying to parse a tab-delimited file but it fails everytime. The file is generated using the code

   ls_ColName       = TRIM(adw_object.Describe("DataWindow.Objects"))

Method 1: I created a external datawindow with one column in it. Then imported it to datawindow


Even though the above statement returns 1 but what it fails to create a stack of fields available in ls_ColName.

Method 2: Using POS and MID

String ls_ColName

ll_cnt     = 0

long ll_pos, ll_mov

String ls_space, ls_objectType

String ls_mid

ls_space = ' '     //copied the space between fields from attached file

ll_mov  = 1

ls_ColName       = TRIM(adw_object.Describe("DataWindow.Objects"))

ll_len    = Len(ls_ColName)

FOR ll_cnt = 1 TO ll_len

      ll_pos = POS(ls_colName, ls_space, ll_cnt)

      ls_mid = MID(ls_colName, ll_cnt, ll_pos - 1)

      ls_mod = RIGHTTRIM(LEFTTRIM(ls_mid)) + ".Type"

      ls_objectType = adw_object.describe(ls_mod)

      ll_mov = ll_pos

      ll_cnt = ll_pos


The problem in method 2 is after finding the first field and its type, its starts concatenating the rest which fails to give the type.

The tab separated file is attached for reference.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ashish,

I would do what you are doing, but I would create an external datawindow with a large number of columns all of type string length 32766, then simply import the tab delimited text file.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thank you guys.

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Hi Ashish;

  This is how my STD Foundation Class library does this ...

ls_objects = THIS.Describe("DataWindow.Objects")

ns_ds_master    lo_ds

lo_ds = CREATE ns_ds_master

lo_ds.DataObject = 'dw_tabbed_name'


  li_pos = POS (ls_objects, "~t")

    IF li_pos > 0 THEN

      ls_objects = Replace (ls_objects, li_pos, 1, '~r')



    END IF


lo_ds.ImportString (ls_objects)

  I have attached the DWO source (v12.1 of PB) FYR.


Regards ... Chris