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Parent WPF Client Window not on top after closing a screen set

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Hi all,

I am observing some strange behavior with the WPF Client (SMP 2.3 SP 4). When closing a screen set (window), sometimes the parent window is in the background (meaning some other windows programs are on top of them) even if the parent window was on top of everything else before. It is not totally reproducible, but it happens quite often. It happens for overlay screens as well as for normal ones, I just don't see a pattern right now. Has anyone else observed this behavior?

Regards, Daniel

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Product and Topic Expert
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I have seen this with the WPF but typically only with the Module screen.   Once I get into the application screens they typically are in the correct position.  I also don't have specific repro steps but if you find some please contact support so we can get an issue logged to have it addressed.