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parameters page pops up after running report successfully

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Recently our team decided to move from Win7 to Win10 on the development side of our C# projects.

Now all projects are using Visual Studio 2022, Crystal Report 13.0.4000.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2020, Win10

On the production side, we are using SQL server 2018, Azure version 1.25.1(system setup), Windows server 2012 R2, and the same version of Crystal Report.

All reports work fine, they are running with different parameters that users can fill out on websites.

In some reports, users are able to export them and move between pages(most of them have only one record with 1 page to 8 pages of results)

But on some reports(most of them have more than one record), users are not able to export them, if users want to go to the next page, the parameters page pops up and it has to be filled out again, then users can export it, and moving between pages works fine. (attached file: popupmessageCR)

Most of these reports are produced with a combination of views and tables as their data sets.

We did a lot of research and read most of the related articles, but none of the solutions worked. Check DLL references, save reports in new projects, order program code, and ensure that the folder exists win64_x64 and win32_x64 etc.

Our stakeholders are in their peak season work and we asked them to enter the values of these parameters again so that they can export and move between pages.

We need help to solve the issue.

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Does the report contain subreports?

Can you attach the rpt file (change extension to .txt to allow the attachment)?

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Thanks, Ido. Please check the attached file. "ParticipantAddressslist" is one of the reports that has 2 date parameters and the parameters page pops up after running the report.participantaddresslist.txt

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No subreports so that suspect is out.
You didn't say if you are running the report using a web application.
If you do, follow Don's suggestions.

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No, it doesn't have subreport