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Parameter passing over intent-based-navigation


Hello All,

We have two separate Fiori applications which we would like to navigate from one to the other. We are using CDS views for the apps and hence we are also handling the navigations in the CDS views (see below).

      @Consumption.semanticObject: 'ZProcess'
      @UI.identification.type: #FOR_INTENT_BASED_NAVIGATION
      @UI.identification.semanticObjectAction: 'manage'
      @UI.identification.targetElement: 'Supplier'                               

However, we also want to pass some parameters while handling this intent-based-navigations but somehow we can't. I have defined the parameters in the parameter section of the related target mapping but it seems they are not being used. I saw in the posts that the parameters mostly retrieved and interpreted in the onInit() function of the target application. But I am looking for a solution without doing this.. Is that possible to pass the parameters over target mapping parameters and annotations OR is splitting the parameters by development in the onInit function the only solution??

I appreciate for any help.

Best, Merve

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Can you describe the business requirement for this parameters?

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Hi Merve/ Gregor / Team,

Facing the same issue. We have annotation available for semanticObject and semanticObjectAction for #INTENTBASEDNAVIGATION , but unable to find any annotation for passing parameter.

Regarding business requirement, for example we are displaying sales order in one App as list view with hyperlink active with sales order and on clicking it should navigate us to VA03 APP ( Sales order display ) for that particular sales order only not VA03 in general. For that we must have to pass parameter.

Could anyone suggest any workaround for the same.

Thanks in Advance !!

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