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Parameter dependent, dynamic document parts - is it possible?

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I'm very new to Crystal Reports, and I have a hard issue to solve.

I have to generate a pdf doc (already works), with a reports, that contains a dynamically changing block depends on a parameter, but the other parts of the document are the same...

My question is: how can I solve that?

I thought I whould add subreport(s) dynamically, but haven't found anything, just the design-time solution...

Can You help me?

I'll need some sample code as well.

I'm using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2003

Thank You

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I'm not clear on what exactly you mean or trying to achieve with "a dynmically changing block" but one option could be that you create a section that contains a subreport for each "dynamic block" and simply (un)supress the section/subreport depending on a parameter. This would mean you would need to know (and create a section/subreport for) all possible "dynamic blocks" of data but it may achieve what you are trying to do.


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