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Parallel Delta Loads from R/3 into BW

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This scenario pertains to doing delta loads in parallel (using parallel InfoPackages with unique selection criteria) from one DataSource in R/3 into one Data Target in BW. The scenario is depicted in steps A thru D below. The questions I have pertaining to this scenario are posed in steps C and D below.

A. Data Load (delta not full load) from and R/3 DataSource into BW first into an ODS and then into an InfoCube

B. DataSource in R/3 contains information that is evenly distributed across three plants; i.e. Plant A, Plant B, Plant C

C. In order to speed up the data extraction and loads from R/3 into BW, is it possible to load from R/3 into ODS using 3 InfoPackages (IN PARALLEL) using delta InfoPackage, each InfoPackage containing data for a particular plant; i.e. InfoPackage 1 contains delta information for Plant A, InfoPackage 2 contains delta information for Plant B, InfoPackage 3 contains delta information for Plant C? If so, please explain how this can be accomplished using delta init and delta process?

D. Once the information is loaded into the ODS object as explained above, is there a way to accomplish parallel data loads from the ODS into the InfoCube using 3 InfoPackages, each InfoPackage containing a unique selection criteria with regard to plant? If so, please explain how this can be accomplished.

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Hi Rajesh,

Are you using a standard data source or generic data source?

You can do multiple initializations (one for each plant) in to your ODS. But the delta package will be only one package which will include all the three plants. You can not schedule individual delta packages for each plant into your ODS as the system maintains only one delta pointer for all your initializations.

In the data mart data sources ( Your ODS to info cube) once you select init/delta mode all your selection criteria go away and hence you can not set up any selections. So in your scenario you can not do multiple initializations and multiple delta loads using data mart data sources. But if you want to restrict data during data load you can achieve by implemeting logic in update rules.


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Thanks very much Vijay for your response to my query.

Just one more follow-up question while we are on the same topic. Does it make a difference with regard to extracting from either from a standard DataSource or generic DataSource? Are there different flavors to your response in either case?

Best Regards,

Rajesh Advani