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Pagnation by the first letter of the last name

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I have a report that is Grouped by Cities and then Last Name. So New York is the city and then all the customers are listed below in Ascending order starting with the first customer who last name begins with the letter A and continues thru to Z and then the next City Starts with it's customers listed A thru Z.

What I need now is to have the report put the customers on a new page when the first letter of the last name changes. So New York will have it's cutomers with last names that start with A on page 1 and end on page 2 and New York customers with last names that start with B will start on page 3 and end on 5 and so on. How do I achieve this?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Heather,

Try this...

1) If you don't already have a field with the first letter of the last name, create a formula field to give you the first letter... ie, left(MyField,1)

2) Add a new section based on your first letter field or the formula field you created

3) In the section expert for the new group footer, select New Page After, that will put 'B' on a new page.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Heather

I thought I might throw my hat into the ring as well.

1. Create a group based on the formula for the first letter left(,1). This makes it easier to navigate using the group tree.

2. On section expert in the group footer set page break after.

3. You can hide the group header and footer if you do not want to see it, but I suggest highlighting the background in the group name and it looks like outlook contact list with a letter for each surname group.

Happy hunting.


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So if you have a last name field, and the names are in the detail section simply do this:

1 - Go to the section expert for the detail section.

2 - Click on the X-2 button to the right of New Page Before

3 - In the formula editor use the following (with your last name field instead of my generic fieldname):

not onfirstrecord;

LEFT (, 1) <> PREVIOUS (LEFT(, 1))

4 - Save & close the formula and OK out of the section expert.