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Page content need to be refreshed. ( tableView )

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Dear Friends!

I am selecting two fields using F4 helps in BSP. My F4 help is dependent on each other. like department is master help -> I select one department here and based on this I will select section for another field. problem of my application is when I select linearly department-->section, it has no issues.... but if i wish to change the department and then want to chage the section again, at that time section help shows me the previous department's section values. where as it should show me the new department's section values. i found that the values of section help is not getting refreshed. if i clear the internal table then it doesnt show anything if i want to change the section again without selecting the department. let me give you my problamatic scenarios...


1) department -

> Section works fine... first time.

2) Re-selection of department --- >Section ( shows the value of previous department's sections).

3) Re selection of section without selecting the department ( works fine if i dont clear the internal table after selectiong the record first time. ) it shows nothing second time when i clear the internal table on first time selection.

4) department->section works fine if i clear the internal table for section once i selected the section. (but will not give me any well if i like to change the section again without selecting department.)

Please tell me how i can make my section help persistent and consistent,

anyhelp will be appreciated.

Thanking you



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Naeem,

the way I like to do this sort of stuff is to use AJAX techniques. When the first input field is changed trigger an asynchronous HTTP call to the back-end to retrieve the list of values for the second input field.

If you are new to AJAX start [here.|]


Graham Robbo

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