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Page break in smartform

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Hello Experts,

I am printing some lines in Template in smartforms. As per the size of template only some of the lines are getting displayed in the template.

My requirement is suppose if there are 12 lines in my internal table and only 3 lines can be displayed in template on a single page at a time, then on next page in the template lines 4,5,6 will get displayed likewise on further pages lines 7,8,9 and 10,11,12 will get displayed subsequently.

As per the requirement I cannot use main window to achieve this.

How should I achieve this.

Please help.

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Answers (3)

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HI Shubh,

You can use table node in Main window and calculate the record count using SY-TABIX. If count reaches the multiple of 3 then use command to set page break. so that you can display 3 records in each page.

Thanks & Regards

Naveen Subramani.

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Use Node Table instead of Template . Create a variable to count the number of lines printed already. once 3 lines are printed set a flag.use a command node to trigger the next page.In the condition tab mention the flag to be x in command node

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For creating page break we have to use command, other than main window command will not allow to create, create one more main window in your SF.

May be it will solve your problem.


Sanjay Gogikar