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Package SAP Fiori app using Cordova

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Hello Community,

Could someone please point me to a how to guide or give me instructions on how to package a SAP Fiori application using the Cordova tool?

The steps I have taken so far are:

1. Download the Fiori app source code from the Gateway server using SE38.

2. Create a new cordova project: cordova create fiori com.cordova.fiori Fiori

3. Add the android platform to the project: cordova platform add android

4. Build the project: cordova build

5. Run the project. I can then see the cordova screen and a device connected message.

6. I import the Fiori app source code into eclipse.

7. I import the android project created above into eclipse.

8. I copy all the files from the Fiori app WebContent folder into the android app assets>www folder.

From here I don't know what to do and cant find any documentation on what to do from here.

Please help.

Thank you.


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Did you ever solve this issue? If so could you help me with it.

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Take a look here:

Think this is what you looking for.