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PA Datasource - Client Dependent?

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Hello All!

Are profitability datasources client dependent or client independent?

I am trying to load transaction data from custom datasource. The config is done in R/3 DEV client 200 and the connection to BW is from R/3 DEV client 220.

All the master data is successfully loaded. When I run RSA3 in R/3DEV client 200 it works fine but in R/3DEV client 220, it gives an error : The DataSource lkerhu01 3 is defined in another client.

Long Text: Message no. RD 146


DataSources from Profitability Analysis can only be used in one client since the information for the delta process must be saved client specifically.


If you want to extract data from several clients in one operating concern, you have to create a CO-PA DataSource for each client.

In case, if we remove the delta option from the

datasource, would it work?

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Yes COPA DataSurces are Source System dependent, and removing Delta capability won't be a solution. You should then operate with "fake delta" ...

Check out Note 354760: there you find a program to move PA extractor from a client to another.

Hope it helps


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Thanks a bunch. I'll try.

Thanks again.


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The basis guys have applied the note 354760 with program ZCOPACLT. We enter the datasource name and press on execute which does not give a confirmation that something has been executed.

I scheduled the InfoPackage again but it gives the same error. Am I missing something?