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OWL Excel Export Template

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When creating a new OWL, it comes with an Export function to an Excel file. However, there is a limitation of 6 fields, and a field like Amount counts as 2 fields, hence in the template there will be a column for the value and a column for the currency, which is very annoying.

Question 1: how can I edit this template and enhance OWL exporting functionality?

Question 2: is there any way to add exporting functionality to another type of screen, like QAF?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert

Hello Fernando,

Reg. Excel Export in general: Here's what the docu says:

Object Work Lists (OWL) generated for custom business objects allow you to

export the OWL data to a Microsoft Excel file. The file is based on a standard

template, which you cannot change. However, you can format the generated

spreadsheet as required.

So, I am afraid, You can't change the template.

Reg. Excel Export for other UIs than OWL:

Not with SDK means.

I'm sorry,


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Thanks Horst!

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