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Overview Page List Cards - Change CSS using JavaScript in Custom.Controller

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Hi SAP Experts,

I'm working with Overview Pages.

I've few OPV cards and I tried change Title color dinamicly writing some JS code in "Custom.Controller.js" file in three methods (onInit, onAfterRendering, onBeforeRendering) like:

onBeforeRendering: function () {
    var sCardCSS_02 = $("#card02Original--ovpHeaderTitle-inner"); = "red";

But nothing happens.

If I put the same logic text in "css/style.css" file

#card03Original--ovpHeaderTitle-inner {
    color: blue!important

It works well.

My question - How to change CSS using JavaScript in OPV?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mykola,

OVP does not support any extension points for such CSS modification officially. You can read more about OVP supported extension here. For CSS changes its better if you do via SAP theme designer .

Hope it helps 🙂

Thanks and Regards


Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your reply.

It helped me very much! 🙂

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