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Overridden Qualified Table Name – what for?

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I have seen a few posts on issues with Overridden Qualified Table Name property of Crystal Reports (Database -> Set Datasource Location -> upper pane -> connection Properties).

I do not have an issue with it: it does remove DB name and the owner / schema name fromSQL Query.

I am wondering what are scenarios when this property is needed?

I guess this property is intended to improve report’s portability, when it is moved between servers and databases.

However, my understanding is that I have to update the datasource location anyway (using Update button in the Set Datasource Location window). So what is the point of having the overridden table name functionality?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Max,

It's only there mostly for legacy connections. Some DB's allowed no fully qualified connections and it worked, mostly...

Bottom line is you should always fully qualify your table names otherwise you never know who's table you are actually getting....


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Thanks Don for clarifying the purpose of this feature.

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