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We have three key fields

USD Saved

Invoiced Amount

%Prive savings

In overall result for each keyfield we are getting sum of each field

Here my requirement is that for %Prive savings overall result we want Overallresult of USD saved /Overall result of Invoiced Amount *100

if we have %Prive savings overall result as sum we are getting result greather than 100 which should not have for %

we if we have Overallresult of USD saved /Overall result of Invoiced Amount *100 we getting correct percentage

Can anyone suggest how to change overall result as discussed above



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Answers (4)

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Hello jiyanna,

To make the overall result row to use the same formula as any other row, you need to define the fields as formula

The overall result for KFs and CKFs will be calculated as summation by default or with the exception aggregation defined.

The overall result row for the formulas will follow the formula defined, similar to any other row in the query.

If your last field, % Prive .. is a CKF or KF, create a new formula(with definition just equal to the CKF or KF)

Hope this helps.



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Ideally, you do not need to set anything property. Remove any "exception aggregation" or "calculate result as" property set in your query and go to "advance" -> "Formula Collision" -> "Calculate from this formula".

Should work !

- Danny

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change the key figure proepties from summation to average. It will work..



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Change the query result display/calculate properties as "Average"instead of Summation in Query Designer for %Prive savings key figure.

I hope it will help.