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Over writes the existing universe in production environment

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Hi All,

I have one issue on universe part.

I was imported already existing universe from production environment.

I was added three tables on Dev_Env _UDT 4.0 according to the requirement ,finished the universe and unknowingly I had over write the existing

universe in prod environment and developed three reports on universe.

Now business telling that you had overwrites the existing universe that will impact the existing reports in prod_Env.

So they decided to move the backup universe from prod_Env to Dev _Env and says that develop the universe once again according to your requirement.

My query is

1.If I develop the universe once again in Dev_Env,where can I save the universe this time? Please show me the screen shot.

2.If I develop the universe once again in Dev_Env,what about the already developed three reports ?

Kindly help me.



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Answers (1)

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Hello Ram,

You can make use of Version management utility to do that.