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Output for ABAP program not fully visible when executed in background

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Hi All,

I am executing an ABAP report in background . It has 58 rows and 300 columns.

But it is not getting displayed completely. Previously I got an error ' no suitable list format available for LOCL '

so I created a list format with 58 rows and 300 columns as mentioned in the thread 827206

But still the output is not completely visible in spool

Even after changing the output width to 1000 columns , I am not able to see the output in the spool completely .

I checked the field REALWIDTH in TSPOPTIONS table as mentioned in the above thread .

There is no such field over there.

I also cleared cache settings in SPAD - cache control- reset cache settings .

But still it is not working out .

Kindly help asap .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you follow step 4 in the note 1226758?

Call SPAD and choose Settings -> Spool System -> Other. Select 'SP01: Number of Columns for List Display from Format'.

Then create a new spool from background job and check the result.



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Hi Sowmya Kumar,

Your question is definitely answered by Aidan Black i had the same issue & Aidan answer helped me to solve that issue so give the due credit to Aidan.



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Dear All

I have peculiar problem. I have checked all the settings time and again. Settings are fine, however when client print, 3-4 inch of margin appears on all sides of the page and the Text is printed exactly in Middle.

Can somebody please advice ?


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi All,

Note 1226758 has been suggested for resolving this issue.

but our system is is higher basis package (SAPKB70021) .

so the correction instructions of this note would have got applied already .

Kindly suggest asap.



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Check what is the actual maximum number of text columns that your application

program writes to the spool request?

Does this actual maximum column width possibly exceed the number of

columns that you specified in the spool format that you defined?

One simple method for determining the number of columns in a spool list

is to use SP01 to display the list and then to download this data (unconverted)

to a *.txt file. Or you can save it to the clipboard then paste it into Notepad.

Now use Windows Notepad to open this file. Choose a non-proportional

font (for example, Courier New) and count the columns. Check SAP note 186603.