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OSS for 0CO_PC_PCP_01

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Hi frnds,

We are getting wrong values on cost component split when we are extracting data from datasource 0CO_PC_PCP_01 ,

Please suggest some OSS notes related to datasource 0CO_PC_PCP_01 ,

Actually we have value mismatch in BW (compared with R3)

only for Regular freight (item 10) only,

Thanks for any sugesstions,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raky,

Have you checked OSS notes:

904093: Cost estimate, itemization: Incorrect values for view

733064: Extractor does not return enough cost estimates after upgrade

579206: Double data records at 0CO_PC_PCP_01 / 0CO_PC_PCP_02

423270: InfoSource 0CO_PC_PCP_01 / 0CO_PC_PCP_02

492461: 0CO_PC_PCP_01/0CO_PC_PCP_02 InfoSources: Currency types

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Thank you for very good help Banu,

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I have multiply records in extractor 0CO_PC_PCP_01 included lot size for some costing dates and for every  currency type .

It seams records are multiplied for item number of additive costs and it happens only for Material&Subcontracting cost component.

All the OSS notes you have suggested are already implemented on our system but the error is not yet solved.

Do you know some other sap notes about this error?

Thank you in advance.


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