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OS backup and Restore - NTBACKUP - SAP services missing

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Hi Friends,

I am using ntbackup to restore os level backup (both C and D drives) which is taken from other machine.

backup restored sucessfully. However facing below issue.

1. Oracle and SAP services are missing is services.msc file

2. SAP MMC console is empty.

Do I have to manually add the required services ?

Will this exe "ntscmrg.exe" restore all the required services ?

what steps I have to follow to make the system up ?

System Details :

OS : Winserver 2003

DB: Oracle 10G

Application: ECC IDES 6.0

This is s test system.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ganesh,

What kind of backup you have used ? I means was it only filesystem backup or system state backup ?

When you restore system state backup, all registry entries should be restored like SAP and Database services.

You can certainly create SAP services using "sapstartsrv.exe".

Go through the below links:


and SAP Notes:

[Note 142100 - Windows: Problems with new SAP service as of Rel. 4.5B|]

[Note 82751 - Problems with SAP Services & SAP Service Manager|]

For Database Services:

(I haven't tried ever but may be useful...)

[Services in Oracle Database 10g|]


Rajesh Narkhede

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Hi Rajesh,

I have used command "ntbackup" to take backup of drives C and D.

I shall check and update on this,

> You can certainly create SAP services using "sapstartsrv.exe".

How about oracle services ?


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See this link (already posted in previous post...)

[Oracle Service Creation...|]


Rajesh Narkhede

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Hi Ganesh,

Services are missing because of missing registry entries. You can either export/import the registry entries from your source system.

Alternative you may take fresh backup including registry entries and then restore the same again on target machine.

ntscmrg.exe tool may help you re-create these services manually. But possibility of missing some required services to proper operation will always exists.


Deepak Kori