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Hi everyone, quick preface that I am relatively new to SAP so sorry if I'm missing details, but I'll do my best to provide what I can.

We are receiving an ORDERS05 with a vendor number at the header and an item level Tag number. We need both of these to exist on the outbound document. In order to accomplish this, we mapped the Vendor to the E1EDKA1_IHREZ and the Tag number to the E1EDPO2_IHREZ (when qualf=044). When displaying the Order in SAP, all of the numbers are in the correct fields.

When the outbound condition is triggered to create the ORDRSP_ORDERS05, the vendor number exists, as does the first tag number. But, every other item is missing the tag number.

Is this an expected behavior due to using both IHREZ fields or is something amiss?

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Hi Chris,

You say you filled E1EDP02-IHREZ.
In the actual sales order in SAP ERP do you see the value you filled in the ORDERS05 IDoc on each item line under tab "Order Data" --> "Your Reference"?

If that field is filled in the sales order on each item line you should also see it in the outbound ORDRSP IDoc.

Best regarsd, Peter

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In general, it's not a good idea to map data with different meaning to the same field. Even though the field can be maintained at both header and item level, it's still the same field. With these fields, the assumption is that unless a different value is entered at line item level, the header value applies. And if at header level this field means "vendor" but at item level it's "tag" then it's kind of a problem. Vendor can be mapped to a partner instead and the reference field designated for "tag".

I'm not sure it's possible to answer this question without checking in the specific system. Look at the actual table entries (if memory serves, this goes to VBKD), check for SAP notes. If you still believe there is an error - contact SAP Support.

I agree with Peter that technically the outbound IDoc should match the sales order. But different field usage at header/item level could be problematic.