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Order tranport with problems

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Hi gurus, I need tranport from PRD( live environment) to QAS or QTY environment one transport order how I can do that???? I have  a order number in my DEV environmet  when I select the QAS spool for "Add" the number order, the process fail with code erroe 0247 "addtobuffer  has problem with data - and/or cofile".


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hello..any update??

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First you have to find the transport directory..

Go to transaction AL11 and find directory parameter DIR_TRANS. Actual path of DIR_TRANS is something like /usr/sap/trans.

Find your transport files..

The naming conversion of transport request is like XXXKYYYYYY. XXX stands for the system id and YYYYYY stands for the request number. Releasing a transport request forces the SAP system to store the request in two files on the server: one is header (also known as co-files) and one body files (also known as data-file).

The header file of transport request is saved in the path /usr/sap/trans/cofiles and the file name is KYYYYYY.XXX.

The body file locates in the path /usr/sap/trans/data with naming syntax: RYYYYYY.XXX.

Now download and upload transport request file.

You can use the following transaction code for upload and download.

Upload File – CG3Z

Download File – CG3Y

After the transport files are uploaded to the server, you can import it into the system using transaction STMS.

For more and specific information see the below link



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Hello Tulio,

Frankly couple of ways of doing it. You can create a transport in DEV and include the object list of old transport in it . Release this transport to QAS.

Else in production create a transport of copies with target as QAS and again include the object list of old transport in it. Release this transport to QAS.

In you case I guess you  might be getting the error probably becoz the data/cofile is missing or has authorization issues. Or probably you didn't select the checkbox  against "Import Again".


Ruchit Khushu

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Dear Tulio

The proper order is to transport request is DEV --> QAS -->[both PRD and TRN]

  • DEV - Development
  • QAS - Quality
  • PRD - Production
  • TRN - Training.

Finaly production version can be seen in TRN as well.This configuration can be done through TMS system using tcode STMS. using overview and transport route.then you can create the route according to the way that you want. before creating the route, rfc connection for all sytem need to be created.

In your problem file related to the request can be found under the /usr/sap/trans/data and corefile directories and both files related to the request should be taken to the qas system. then the permission and owner should be provided <sid>adm and then can be imported to the tranport que.