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Order Comparison Report This year vs last year for dynamic dates

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I am using Webi4.1 over BEX and have a BEX which contains my order data.

Within the order data is the order date .

I want to be able to write a WEBI that allows a user to input a start and end date for example start date = 01/01/15 ,end date = 31/12/15

I then want to show by product (again this is stored for each order) the total order quantity for the selected period : 01/01/15 - 31/12/15 and the order qty for the same period last  year i.e. 01/01/14 - 31/12/14.

So if I entered 01/04/15 - 01/05/15 it would compare 01/04/15 - 01/05/15 with 01/04/14 - 01/05/15

I want to use input controls to achieve this any ideas?


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To use input control you have to bring all data in your webi doc. That will not be a good practice because webi is not for data extraction purpose but for analysis. My suggestion will be to use restricted key figures for current and previous year so that the user gets prompt to enter date while refreshing data and only limited records are fetched.

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What would you suggest, I have added created two prompts for the user to enter order date ranges however who do I make this dynamically retrieve data for the same period for the previous year?