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Oracle RAC on ASM system copy with brrecover

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Dear all,

Apologies for the lengthy message

I am preparing to create a new experimental PI 7.3  system called PIX as a copy of the already existing PI Development system PID. The database of the source system is Oracle on Oracle RAC and ASM. I plan to be using the database specific method for the system copy.

Because of Oracle RAC and ASM, the backup in the source system is taken with brbackup calling RMAN and the restore in the target system has to happen with RMAN. I will be restoring from an full offline RMAN backup.

I am trying to put together a plan as the documentation from SAP when it comes to restoring on ASM with RMAN is scattered in many different places and not detailed enough.

The ASM disk groups in the target system differ to the ones in the source system. For example, the source system diskgroup contains the <SID> as well, so +PID_DATA while the target system diskgroup for data is called +DATA

I read that I should run brrecover in order to restore with RMAN on ASM. For that, the target database should bein mount state when brrecover runs against it.

So I understand that I have to run brrestore -d rman_util -b last -m 0,00 to restore the source controlfile in thetarget system together with the source online redo logs.

My first question is how the controlfile and online redo logs will be stored. brrestore will look to restore them in an ASM diskgroup in the target system that does not exist. They have been backed up as (example)


but the target system only has disk groups +DATA, +ARCH,+RECO

The three controlfiles will need to go to one of +DATA, +ARCH,+RECO each and the PID_OLOG to +DATA and the PID_MLOG to +RECO.

Then, I will have to start the database in mount state. As there is nothing with the target system name PIX in the restored controlfile, I assume that I will have to set the environment of Unix user oracle to point to the source system PID (ORACLE_HOME,ORACLE_SID, SAPDATA_HOME) and start the database mount as if it was a PID database. Is that correct?

Then set the ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID etc point to target system name PIX values and finally, following the
instructions from note 1003028

brrecover -t reset -b last -f PIX -RDG

The -RDG option will activate special parameter _remap_disk_groups which will need to be set to something like this: _remap_disk_groups=(+PID_DATA,+DATA,+PID_OLOG,+DATA,+PID_MLOG,+RECO,+PID_ARCH,+ARCH,+PID_RECO,+RECO)

Note 1003028 does not say where this parameter is set. Is it an Oracle parameter to be set in the spfile ora parameter of brrecover set in the menus? Or somewhere else?

Many thanks for your help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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That seems to be a BR* Parameter. set it on the init<sid>.sap or the parameter file that you are using if it is different

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Thank you Fidel,

That makes sense, looking in some other setup parameters for brbackup on RAC environment, I found the _rem_sql_call=yes which is documented in the note below and it is meant to go into the init<sid>.sap

914174  - Minor functional enhancements in BR*Tools (1)

So, I will set _remap_disk_groups in the and give it a go. I wonder if I can run it with brrestore as well for the controlfile and origlogs as they are to be restored first with brrestore.

Any suggestions on the process that I have outlined above regarding the restore of the controlfile and the origlogs and starting the database mount? I will make my first attempt tomorrow and I will update the thread.

Thanks again


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did you get this to work?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Andreas,

We are trying almost the same. Could you please let us know if you succeed in the above try?