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Oracle Database growth in short span of Time

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Dear Guru's,

We are running our SAP System of following version-

SAP SCM System 7.02 on ORACLE19.13.0.

For the past 2 months all of a sudden we got increase in DB growth.

Could you please help on the options to check on the cause of the DB growth?
We do not have access to Database End.

Kindly do the needful

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (2)

Hi Mithran,

You can check in DB02 transaction to growth trends. If you change the view between day/week/months maybe you can figure out a trend. This has to do something maybe with the inserted/updated data inside the table. The more inserts you have the more space is required. Remember after deleting the data, the space won't be free on the OS.

One more thing to add, you should check if there is a LOB segment associated to the affected table. Because the LOB segment stores the "undo information" inside the LOB itself, which makes the LOB segment usually huge or at least bigger then the table itself.

As far as I know there is no know issues with Oracle 19c and space utilization. But you may check e.g. if the table is compressed or not. Heavily changed tables must not be compressed!

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Also check if there are errors on queue processing.

If messages are not processed, they start to increase the ARFCSTATE table...