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Oracle Compatibility with BO XI R3.1

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I have a requiremnt in which i have to develop a Webi Report. the Data Base version is ORACLE 8.1.7.i have created the Universe and Classes and Objects in it and exported to CMS successfully.

However when i try to use those Objects in Webi Report i am getting the following error message.

"ORA - 03134. connections to this server versions are no longer supported . (WIS 10901)".

Is this because of the Version Incomaptibility between BO XI R3.1 and ORACLE 8.1.7?

If it is the case how to make it comapatible such away that i can create the reports and retrieve the data with out any issues?

Please suggets me a better way to resolve this issue.



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Answers (2)

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As Henry suggested, the Oracle version you're using is no longer supported by BO tools, its not even supported by Oracle themselfs!

So there are couple things you can do :

1. On BO side use supported version of Oracle Client (10 or 11) and see if that client can connect to your 8.x Oracle DB.

This will be an Oracle connectivity, outside of BO, so if you run into issue - consult with Oracle support.

2. If #1 works, theoreticaly your BO reports should be able to pull data from the DB, but do not expect newer SQL to work properly...

Ultimately, you'll have to upgrade that DB to a newer version.

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As the warning message suggests, You need to check the Supported Platforms for your XI 3.1 version: ... and look under section "Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Dashboard and Analytics Data Sources"

here the SP05 one for Windows :

Basically, you need to use ORA 10 or 11. Else, you aren't supported, and probably wasting your time.