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Oracel RAC implementation experience

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Dear All,

Has any one successfully implemented Oracle RAC on Solaris 10/SPARC on a production box for SAP ECC/SRM etc...?. Can u Pl share your experience? Will Oracle RAC be supported in future or is it going to be phased out by SAP? How robust is the Oracle RAC implementation? Is it advisable to take the Oracle RAC route?

Thanks for all your inputs.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have done a RAC implementation on SUSE linux and BI 7.0. Overall we had 4 nodes having a db instance and SAP dialog instance each. I also implemented enqueue replication and integrated it into the cluster services. But the system was only a test environment and we are not using RAC in production so far.

In my opinion RAC is one of the best technologies (i don't know of anything superior) to implement high availabilty and to scale over multiple servers. The SAP integration is quite mature and stable.

But on the other hand the installation is very complex and RAC knowledge is not widely common. If you don't have RAC and cluster knowledge yet, you will have a long way to go.

Best regards, Michael

Edit: i recommend checking out the docu on sdn -> Oracle, there is a paper on RAC on sun cluster

[SAP on Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)|] [original link is broken];

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