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Ora-- 1555

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Hello friends,

I know Ora 1555 error Its "Snap shot too old"

In which case we get this error Could any one explain briefly.



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Answers (3)

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Hello , Im very near to this naswer actually but now it is more clear like from my analysis when ever user access some data that image will be stored in UNDOSEGMENT & if another user is trying to access the same DATA It will show snap shot too old.

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this note678112 will help u.



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Hi Rahul,

You get the ORA-1555 message when you try to access data that someone else is modifying, and Oracle has lost the information that it needs to construct a read-consistent image of that data to present to you. Since you are using Oracle9i's new UNDO tablespace, the ORA-1555 error is an indication that your UNDO_RETENTION parameter is not large enough. You can monitor this by querying the SSOLDERRCNT (Snap Shot Too Old Error Count) column of V$UNDOSTAT. Increase the UNDO_RETENTION parameter and these errors will go away.

I hope it helps you.



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this happens when you are doing a big update and transaction is not committed. it will fill a rollback segment and fail.

to avoid this, ask your programmer to put more commits.

also, to help, convert to PSAPUNDO and make it big.