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ORA-04031 unable to allocate 4080 bytes of shared memory

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Hi Everyone,

The error ORA-04031 has been consistently occuring in our production landscape.

We have Applied Oracle patches in BI7.0 (2004s - Oracle system as per SAP's suggestions. (A set of 35 patches as per note 871096)

(Patches List - 5369855,5253307,6340979,5618049,7133360,5895190,6826661,4704890,6005996,5188321,6447320,3748430,5442919,4952782,5458753,5941030,5345999,6153847,5530958,4883635,5636728,4668719,5635254,5063279,7237154,5103126,4638550,4770693,4864648,6046043,7608184,6729801,5363584,6771608,6435823)

Applying oracle patches has not resolved this issue. The error is reoccuring. Now as per notes 1171650 and 830576 we have tuned in certain parameters.

We also checked the Notes 869006 and 1120481 but nothing much is helpful.

A Go-Live is scheduled this week. Could you please suggest what further actions need to be taken to identify the issue and resolve it.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


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The Ora-4031 error has occurred again in our system.

The following error was observed in one of the trace files.

Did Not dump SGA Heap desc=380000058. Process holds latch.

Current time: 09/09/2009 20:36:09

Last SGA heap dump at 09/02/2009 02:49:22

SGA Heap Dump Count = 0


End 4031 Diagnostic Information


      • 2009-09-09 20:36:10.134

ksedmp: internal or fatal error

ORA-04031: unable to allocate 4064 bytes of shared memory ("shared

pool","unknown object","sga heap(1,0)","kglsim heap")

Could anyone please explain, what does this mean and

how to resolve the issue.


Best Regards


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Hi Bhupesh,

please check if value SGA_TARGET is set.

Oracle says the following:

Remove either of the entry of SGA_TARGET and Manual shared Memory Parameters from pfile
If SGA_TARGET is removed, then make sure <SID>.__parameters also removed. 
Make sure SHARED_POOL_SIZE and JAVA_POOL_SIZE is more than 200 MB as mentioned in Note 376612.1 "ORA-04031: unable to allocate xxxx bytes of shared memory" during upgrade to 10gR2.

Oracle support also provides a script to analyze this ORA-04031 please go ahead with this script ( Doc ID 430473.1 )

ORA-04031 is an error with a lot of causes, so it´s not easy to analyze it. Was the last posted error the complete error or is there anything like 'SMON: Restarting fast_start parallel rollback' coming after it?