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'ORA-01722: Invalid Number' error while Running a Query

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I'm trying to run a query built on a DSO. The DSO has a field 'Start Date'. This Start Date InfoObject has a reference Char as 0DATE.

This Start Field has blank values due to which I'm getting the ORA-01722 error. I came across many threads with same topic of discussion. As mentioned in one of the Threads I have written a program to update 'Start Date' with 00000000. The code wriiten is "UPDATE /BIC/AZ_MONINV00 SET /BIC/ZSTR_DTE = '00000000' where /BIC/ZSTR_DTE = ' '.

Now when I see the data in the active data table of DSO the blank value is replaced with '00000000'.

But If I right click on the DSO click on display data the 'Start Date' field is blank. And now the Query also gets executed without any error. But in the output of the query the 'Start Date' Field has "#" values.

Can anyone suggest on how can I make these "#" values appear as 00000000 in the report?

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In this case, you have to write a macro to avoid # in Analyzer.

Right Click-->Display Data will show data from Active table of DSO only.

If you don't want to show any blank date values in the report, you can exclude in Filter in Query.

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Hi Suman,

These # values getting displayed in the report are nothing but 00.00.0000. But the report should display these 00.00.0000. I dont want to avoid these 00.00.0000 values.

Any idea on this?