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ORA-01551: What does it mean ?

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Hello Experts,

I ran a Index repair job on our BW system: SAP_INFOCUBE_INDEXES_REPAIR

The job completed successfully rebuilding some of the secondary indexes.

However, I found the following error in system log:

ORA-01551: extended rollback segment, pinned blocks released

The database is alright and from oerr command output, I don't get any information on what it means.

oerr ora 01551
01551, 00000, "extended rollback segment, pinned blocks released"
// *Cause: Doing recursive extent of rollback segment, trapped internally
//        by the system
// *Action: None

I have tried google, however it simply gives me lots of website giving the oerr output.

Has anyone faced this ? Does anyone know about this error message ?



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ORA-1551 means out-of-memory. This will occur when you are reading too many records.

There is nothing wronge with your database. No need to worry.