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Options for Access to Historic Data - SAP Cloud, public edition

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our team has a interesting challenge on our hands, which I will try to sum up below.


Data Migration to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition is planned for 04/01/2023.

Controlling wants access to the "historic data" for atleast 1 fiscal year, which would be all 2022 G/L account balances and open/line items. The legacy system will not be available after the migration.

Currently we see 2 possible options for this challenge:

Option 1: Migrate all transactional data of 2022 into the system, perform a closing and fiscal year change to 2023 and migrate the transactional data for 2023. So maybe one can imagines it as 2 separate migrations

Option 2: Put the Transactional data of 2022 in a separate system (e.g. SAC/BW) and make them available in the Cloud via an API or something like this so that End-Users can access the data.


Besides the massively challenging migration of a whole fiscal year. Is option 1 possible or are there any technical issues which make this impossible? Are there other arguments against this approach?

For option 2 would be the question if anybody has experience with a similar scenario and would like to share experiences.

Any help or feedback would be highly appreciated 🙂



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Thomas,

I suggest you review the following information that indicates some of the concepts you need to follow for migration.

Use migration cockpit - As this is a greenfield implementation, master data, transactional data (only open items) and financial historical balances (The migrated historical balances are intended as an approach for reporting. It is not possible to view the migrated documents themselves) can be migrated as per the S/4HANA Cloud migration guidelines.

Available migration objects (S/4HANA Cloud 2208) -

Migration of Financial Historical balances: &

Now on timing I suggest you to look at this:

So if the controlling is looking to access historical balance on GLs for reporting only and open items only, your solution to have in S/4HANA Cloud will make the trick, but if you are looking to have other historical data for other transactional data (POs, SOs, etc.) the business warehouse might have a more complete view, but you still can transfer historical balances and open items in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

I hope this helps,


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Thank You !

The links are in general helpful.
We are looking at a SAC solution to solve the issue.


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