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Option on the portal "Compare to original" gray out

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Hi MDM Experts

I just tried to use option on the portal "Compare to original" meaning is to compare check out records.

That option is gray out, and I do not know how to work with that step:

The portal user is a member of the MDM check out group

from documentation:

I check there is not such group on the Portal. My user is Admin in MDM console.

Can you help me which permissions should I grand to be able to compare records on the portal?

Thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rafal,

Not able to understand your query fully.

Compare with original occurs only when you have check out (non exclusive ) the record and then edit it.

If you do the non exclusive check out, for other user the compare to original option will be activated and the record can be compared i.e. before and after the check out.

same can be done through portal with the help of APIs.

Hope I make myself clear.

Award points if helpful.


Ranjeet Singh

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Thank you for your replay.

What we need is to configure option "Compare to original" on the Portal EP. So what I have done so far. I created workflow. That workflow is trygerd during edit record. I have a "MDM Item Details" iView. with button Edit enabled.

Once somebody is editing record the record is checked out - that information is displayed on the portal.

Now approved should compare changes made to original record. Approver is also working on the Portal EP only. It is important that approver have option "Compare to original enabled".

I would like to configure it. I have found document as mentioned above, here is info from document as I can see I have to configure:

Compare the original version of a record to the checked out version using the Compare to Original button. This button is active only if the following conditions are in place:

○ The record is checked out

○ The portal user is a member of the MDM check out group

I do not know how can I configure "The portal user is a member of the MDM check out group".

The problem I have is I can not finde MDM check out group. How Can I add user to that group.

As you can see from information "This button is active only if the following conditions are in place". Right now I am missing addig user to the group. I need help how to do it.

Thank you.



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using java api to join the checkout.

we did the same when we open that item detail

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I do not know what happened, but on Monday morning that option started working fine. But that can be due to the fact that we are using compare to original in the UWL. I created new iViews for that and configured them accordign to that document:

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